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Hypnotherapy appointments last 60 minutes and are available one to one and via Skype/ Zoom.

Hypnotherapy is great at achieving this change as it provides a two-pronged approach.  Together we agree your therapy plan, which you work on outside of our sessions, alongside the hypnotherapy which works to change your unconscious processes.  

Create change in your mindset and perspective in order to take back control on your life,

freeing yourself of what you cannot control, E.G. other people or situations. 

It is necessary that you start looking inwards on your life, rather than outwards. 

Much of our pain in life comes from placing our hopes and dreams in the hands of other people. 

By doing this, we allow others to lead our lives which will never lead to the happiness that we crave. 

Only you know what you truly want, and you only get that by looking inwards on what you want to achieve from your life. 

Another area where we create pain is by living inside our heads, by falsely believing that because you are thinking it, it has to be right.  It is about creating an observing view of yourself, sifting through the millions of thoughts, images, opinions, beliefs etc that we create and see each and every day.  Some are relevant, others are not.  Once you have considered your commitment and values to achieving change, this will become easier for you, as anything that does not fit with your value system can be rejected.


The answers are already within you, it is about freeing yourself of old patterns of behaviour and ways of being in order to unlock your true potential.  Modern life means that we have stopped connecting with ourselves, it is important that we connect and promote our true self to achieve happiness.

You will learn strategies to take away and use that will keep you calm, such as, breathing techniques or bilateral stimulation.

Our brains can change, they have plasticity which means that if we have a commitment to change and work towards this we can rewire our brain to become the person that we want to be.

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