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Mind Training

Are you struggling with negative thoughts?

Are you going round and round in circles and not moving forwards in your life?

Have you had enough and want to take control of your mind?

Are you struggling with anxiety?

Do you get depressed?


Learn to be the master of your mind rather than it be the master of you.

This new course incorporates education, mindfulness, self hypnosis and breathing techniques to help you to understand why you think the way that you do and what you can do to move forwards.

The course is designed to give you back a sense of who you really are, away from the negative thoughts and chatter that you experience.


It is designed to increase your confidence and resilience to these negative patterns, once you understand why and what, you can view these thoughts in their true sense, just thoughts.

You will then understand why thoughts trigger our feelings and our emotions and be able to develop yourself as the observer rather than the fighter.

You will learn about the mind and body connection and the impact of not tackling these thoughts and allowing them to run and to give them power.

We will complete several meditations, giving you the opportunity to move forwards therapeutically so you will finish the day with a much greater sense of self.

You will understand about self hypnosis and have the opportunity to try this within the session, so that you can take this forwards into your life to tackle personal challenges on a whole new level.

You will receive a handbook to take away and make notes and MP3 audios of the meditations that we complete in class to ensure that you change your life and get to where you should be.

We are all learning and need to support each other in this process to make a change to our lives and the lives of those around us.

Mind Training Four Week Online Training Starting 25th June 2020

Mind Training Four Week Online Training Starting 25th June 2020


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