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You are amazing

Learn all that you need to stay calm and in control throughout your birth experience and beyond.

Week one:

What is hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing?

Dispel myths and discuss the effect of fear

Importance of birthing partner

Week two:

History of birth

The womb and how it works

Effect of breathing

Self anaesthetic

Self hypnosis

Week three:

The effect of hormones

The Zone

Signs & stages of labour

Week four:

Getting to know your baby

Babies instinct

Post-birth hormones



Adapting to the new you

Four week course

Each week you will recieve education to train your conscious mind and hypnotherapies to train your unconscious mind

Four hypnotherapy audios

All hypnotherapies delivered on the course, plus, you will receive these on MP3 to listen to in your own time

Labour room audio

Music and techniques to support you in labour.  This is not a hypnotherapy so can be played without headphones

Hypnobirthing brochure

All documentation is pulled together in a handy A5 brochure so you can carry with you to practise your techniques as required.

Letter for midwifery staff

Letter to midwifery staff/ healthcare professionals so they are aware of your transformation through pregnancy.

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No product

Hypnobirthing Online - New Course Starting 28th April 2020

Hypnobirthing Online - New Course Starting 28th April 2020


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