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Free Heart Breathing Hypnotherapy Audio

Get yourself comfortable, where you wont be disturbed and listen with headphones.

Not while driving or operating machinery!

When you are plugged in and ready, simply press play.  Enjoy! 

Let me know how you get on.

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I felt really good after this hypnotherapy.  My stress levels had reduced and I felt much calmer.  Thank you for sharing.

Wow, I just had to share with you how good I felt after this hypnotherapy.  I was up and organised the next day which is not like me, I really needed it, thank you.


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This Heart breathing hypnotherapy audio is the first in a set of controlling your anxiety forever, hypnotherapy audios and education regarding taking back control of your mind.  

This audio will help you to re-engage your heart and natural instincts to ensure that your head, heart and instincts are working together in harmony to allow you to feel more in control of your life.

Over the years some of us have stopped listening to these areas together and we mainly concentrate on one, usually our heads.  Although I’m sure there are times when our heart led the way, think of when a relationship breaks down, you may have done some stupid stuff but you look back now and think wtf! 

In order to lead an emotionally strong and stable life we need to take the messages that we receive in all of these places then make decisions based on everything that we feel, know and think.    

This hypnotherapy is called heart breathing and it’s a nice gentle starter for you if you haven’t tried hypnotherapy before.  This technique will begin the journey of getting your heart, instinct and brain back in tune with each other plus it will start you off on your listening journey.  You have to listen to the subtle messages you receive!  How many times has your instinct said do this or do that, but you don’t and then later you think, if only...?

Some people may experience emotion when you complete this hypnotherapy, don’t worry about this, it’s good to get any locked down emotion out.  It needs to be released.

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