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Hypnotherapy for your business

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Grab your headphones, get yourself comfortable where you wont be disturbed for 30 minutes and enjoy this wonderful chance to relax and de-stress.

Hypnotherapy for business


Hypnoquickies are short 20/30 minute hypnotherapy sessions designed for workers/ people in business. 


Studies have shown that workers who have taken part in short hypnotherapy interventions reported the following results:

"Workers reported that they felt better able to deal with increased calls and overall, they felt less stressed.  They commented that they found that their memory, focus and confidence were all vastly improved, enabling them to feel better equipped to assist and respond to customers and to feel more confident in their own abilities to solve customer problems.  This programme reduced fatigue, negative moods, physical symptoms and improved work satisfaction."

See the full article below.

These sessions where trialled at The Business Hive, Grimsby in 2018 with those taking part reporting that they enjoyed attending the sessions, that they felt much better after taking part and that they would recommend to friends and colleagues.

The sessions take place over a 10 week programme and cover the following topics:

Stress relief

Confidence boosting

Improve communication skills


Better decision making

Better quality sleep

Stop the worry

Release anger

Improve your performance

Coping with change 

These sessions can be cherry picked and tailored to suit the needs of your business, they can be delivered in person or via the provision of hypnotherapy audios, like the one above. 


Please contact Tara on 07859907963 to discuss.

07859 907963

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