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  • Tara Foulkes

Anxiety Sucks

It is estimated that 615 million people across the world are suffering with anxiety today (World Health Organisation, 2016). Most of us will have experienced the triggers to anxiety: stress and pressure from work, school, family and peers.

We also place a huge pressure on ourselves “I’m not good enough”, “why did I do that?” Many of us go through our lives constantly beating ourselves up, telling ourselves we are not good enough and closing ourselves down, based on our experiences and mind-set.

I have written a control anxiety e-Learning course based on the self-wounds model (Alladin, 2014). This model is based on the fact that we have all experienced a situation that we did not like, but in some cases our brain wants to protect us from ever experiencing that situation again. Therefore, it thinks, I know if I trigger their fight or flight response that will prevent them from experiencing it again.

However, what actually happens is that over time it can get worse and worse until you are left with an unmanageable stress response which actually prevents you from doing things that you used to enjoy.

This approach using Clinical Hypnotherapy aims to re-educate the brain that the old anxious response is no longer required and has become outdated so we work to remove the trigger. Alongside this we need to work to introduce elements such as, mindfulness and meditation into your life to help calm your brain and to encourage you to be in charge of your brain, rather than it in charge of you.

The thing is, the brain does play tricks on us, what we think is not always right. So we need to take control of our brain and this training will help you incorporate these into your life.

This training however, is not quite ready, but in the meantime I have pulled together a hypnotherapy which you can access for free to help you reengage your heart and to reduce the control your mind has over you.

Our mind is not the only place where we get messages, other places are our hearts and our instincts. But over the years some of us have stopped listening to these areas and we mainly concentrate on one, usually our heads.

Although I’m sure there are times when our heart led the way, think of when a relationship breaks down, you may have done some stupid stuff but you look back now and think wtf!

In order to lead an emotionally strong and stable life we need to take the messages that we receive in all of these places then make decisions based on everything that we feel, know and think.

This hypnotherapy is called heart breathing and it’s a nice gentle starter for you if you haven’t tried hypnotherapy before. This technique will begin the journey of getting your heart, instinct and brain back in tune with each other plus it will start you off on your listening journey.

You have to listen! How many times has your instinct said do this or do that, but you don’t and later you think, if only...?

Some people may experience emotion when you complete this hypnotherapy, don’t worry about this, it’s good to get any locked down emotion out. It needs to be released.

I have put a 5 minute starter on YouTube but in order to get the full version you will need to create a FREE account with Alloquor but this way you will be kept up to date with any new courses/ hypnotherapy audios and of course any freebies.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great day.

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