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  • Tara Foulkes

Be inspired...

Sometimes our world can become quite small, especially, at times of shut down like Christmas when there’s not much going on and our world shrinks to those around us.

Or, if you get your news from one particular source, you may become victim of their bias. Even our social media feed is fed by algorithms which effectively feed us the same content that we have looked at and liked before, it repeats this as it got reactions from us and that’s what it wants, engagement, it’s not bothered about widening our perception!

Sometimes, we need to look outside of the box for inspiration, for new ideas or for inspiration. Sometimes, our world may have become too small for comfort. Sometimes, you may feel claustrophobic in your situation.

If I consider my own example, working from home, often on my own, with so much to do, can become daunting and overwhelming at times. Sometimes your ideas may become stilted, or you may get a block, or cannot think straight as there is so much to do.

At times like this, rather than sit and bang your head against the keyboard it’s important to seek inspiration from elsewhere. Just to add a cautionary note here, if you are at the point of banging your head then you probably are beyond the point of seeking inspiration (for the moment!) as you may belittle it and tarnish it with your present state of mind.

Best bet here is to walk away, do something different, take the dog for a walk, go for a run, do something to get the creative juices flowing again.

Anyway, there is so much inspiration to be had out there, when you are ready to receive it. I was injured last year from running, I have been through and signed off from physiotherapy, yet I haven’t really kicked off my running again. However, on twitter (which can be great for inspiration) I saw the #NHS100miles for 2018 this has really inspired me to crack on.

Seeking inspiration from others allows you to postpone your sense of reality and see their story through your eyes which allows you to widen your perspective.

The same can be had with attending training, conferences, gym class, community centres, children’s centres, events, seminars just getting away and doing something different from the day to day.

Often the payback from attending these events is double the investment that you have put in. Sometimes, the missing link will occur to you while you’re there talking or listening to others. Or just the simple fact of being around people will change your perception and may make you feel better.

It can feel safe and cosy to stay indoors surrounded by what we like, but, then we never grow or nothing changes. And, what’s a life without growth or change? A wasted one!

Anyway, the crux of the matter is this, make 2018 your year to be inspired, whatever you are doing, widen your perspective as the world is a wonderfully diverse and beautiful one. Take responsibility for your life and where it is going. Challenge yourself to look outside of your box and I trust that you will receive back in return.

Let me know what you think/ how you have got on or what is inspiring you?

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week.

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