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  • Tara Foulkes

Don't even think about it!

It has been well researched that loneliness and isolation can have an impact on both our mental and physical self. With recent studies finding that social isolation kills more people that obesity.

A recent study tested students on how many friends they had made since the start of the year, and also, how many their friends had made since the start of the year. 48% of those who took part in the study felt their friends had made more than they had.

These students where then quizzed at various points throughout the year to see if the belief that their friends were more popular had any effect.

The researchers found that at any time surveys were taken, the students who believed that their friends were more socially connected reported lower well-being and belonging.

It was not all bad, as they found that the students who thought that their friends had a few more friends than they did, made more friends. It acted as a motivator.

However, they found that those who thought their friends had loads more friends than they did, gave up.

The perceived gap was too large for them so they stopped trying.

It was simply the thought that they had more friends than them which affected their happiness and well-being, and prevented them from making more friends.

Don’t allow your brain to take a bullshit journey. A simple thought whether its true or not, can have an impact on your happiness and well-being.

When your brain starts to take a bullshit journey, stop it, get involved in what you are doing – be mindful.

Don’t even think about it! #beyourownhero #constantevolution

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