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  • Tara Foulkes

How to stop thinking and start living.

How are you feeling today? Is it a good day or is it a bad day? Have you managed to do what you planned to do so far? Is the fact that you have not completed what you had planned giving you ammunition to give yourself a hard time? Or, have you retreated to where keeps you safe?

I hope that you are having a good day today? Mondays can be difficult for some people, sometimes. Or, Mondays can be amazing for others, the start of a new week or a new regime.

We all have our own shit going on, our own pains and pleasures, our own difficulties and stresses, our joys and happiness. There are approximately 615 million suffering with anxiety across the world today (World Health Organisation, 2016) dealing with our own lives and experiencing the roller-coaster of this condition.

Our anxieties vary in how good or how bad we feel from one-day to the next, often a bad day can come without warning and kick us straight in the plans. The plans that we had for ourselves today. Therefore, we retreat to our safe place.

So if someone doesn’t say Hi today, or if you notice a friend or a colleague retreating from you. Think about it this way, instead of taking their not talking to you today as personal. Remember, everyone is trying their best to deal with their own shit and at times they may fail to notice the outside world. A smile or a kind word can go a long way to help them step outside of their head for a moment, and that moment may be long enough to change the focus on their day.

Or, if you are having a bad start to your day, stop all the negative shit going on inside your head. It’s all a load of crap anyway which means nothing. It’s so important to remember just because you thought it, it doesn’t make it right!

It is well researched and scientifically known since the 1970’s that our mind is full of cognitive distortions, these are distortions to our thinking patterns. So for example, we may have a conversation with someone and then afterwards and later think “why did I say that” or “they must think I’m a right idiot for saying that” when in reality 99% of the time they have simply carried on with their day, not giving another thought to the fact that they saw you. As others are often as busy as you, dealing with their own shit.

This particular distortion is called spotlight effect and I often write about it as I have fallen victim to this in the past. But, if I do start thinking in this way I simply think “spotlight effect” and move on. Try it yourself next time you are in this situation, I find it incredibly refreshing as my brain rationalises my thoughts straight away, no questions asked. Like my “Let it go” mindfulness technique.

So if your spending time being negative about yourself, please stop, none of us are perfect we are all trying our best. Move onto something that you can do, a nice quick win, such as, take the dog or yourself for a walk! Quit the negative self-talk and instead plan a positive step into your life.

If you do need some help today, check out our new Freebie hypnotherapy channel for a free, quick 20-minute anxiety control hypnotherapy audio called Heart-breathing.

This will create a sense of harmony about you today, getting your whole body back into alignment with your mind, heart, brain, body and emotions. Just because it sits at the top your mind isn’t King, everything working well together is the optimal position for you to keep your anxiety and thoughts in check and this is a great place to start.

Happy Monday everyone.


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