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  • Tara Foulkes

Look inwards...

Do you ever find yourself bending over backwards to please others? Yet always feel like you loose out in the wrong run? Or feel hurt that you have done so much for someone yet they haven't even noticed the effort you have gone to?

Maybe because you are too busy focusing on the other people in your life your own life is passing you by?

You have to stop this relentless desire to please others, you have to start the relentless desire to please you.

When your focus is on you first and foremost, you will find that everything else will fall into place.

Try these steps:

1. Trust your instinct - its in there you just need to Listen

2. Have faith in yourself - you are just as amazing as everyone else on this planet

3. Think next time drama kicks off - "is it your issue"?

4. Be grateful for what you have - there is always someone worse off

5. Ask yourself the right questions. Instead of shutting yourself down "i can't do it" think "what is it going to take to make it happen"?

"When your focus is on you, everything else will fall into place - be your own hero"


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