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  • Tara Foulkes

Tips to get a better nights sleep.

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Research continues to show us the importance of sleep in every aspect of our lives. But, for those of us who struggle with sleep that merely increases the pressure, we know we need to sleep that is the on-going message in our minds.

If you are a person who struggles with their sleep, either regularly or from time to time. Whether you’re a cannot get to sleep at night or you’re a wake in the middle of night kind of person, you know it’s your mind which causes the difficulties.

It can be difficult to get the mind to switch off, so I wanted to share with you some strategies which may help you to manage your sleep routine better.

We can get into an unconscious sleep pattern, waking at the same time in the dead of night, or struggling to get to sleep until the early hours, here are some tips which may help:

  1. Give yourself two hours before bed to relax, this means stopping work, getting away from your tablet, phone or laptop.

  2. Set an alarm for the time you want to wake, ensure you give yourself plenty of time to achieve your morning routine.

  3. Once you are in bed, no checking what time it is. Remove the clock if you can? Once you are in bed you do not need to keep checking it as your alarm is set. Checking the clock can trigger your unconscious sleep pattern.

  4. Once you are in bed, no checking your phone! Come on, it can wait until the morning and no you don’t need to update Facebook to say that you can’t sleep! You are making it worse.

  5. Before you sleep, get into the habit of thinking something like this "I am going to wake at 6 am (whatever time is right for you). I am going to have a great nights sleep, until I wake at 6 am feeling refreshed and ready to get on with my day". Tell your brain the right message.

  6. No thinking, I appreciate this can be difficult, but it is about where you place your focus. Our minds take what we say and think literal, so if you laid there thinking “I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep” you are literally telling your brain that you can’t sleep, so it’s like cool, let’s think instead! You are re-affirming your unconscious sleep pattern. You must stop.

  7. Instead do this, when you breath in think sleep, when you breath out think peace. Repeat, repeat and repeat, you need to stay with this mantra to change your unconscious sleep pattern.

  8. You can use the calm breath technique, breath in for the count of four, hold the breath for four and breath out for the count of four. This slows your heart rate down, as it activates your parasympathetic nervous system, your on-board calming system.

  9. If you can, during the day get some exercise into your routine. Exercise as no doubt you are aware has loads of health benefits and changes your brain, but it also knackers you out, so you are ready to sleep.

Give all of these a go and remain consistent with it. Consistency is the key in affecting any change.

These unconscious patterns of behaviour that we have take some shifting. You need to reprogram and rewire your brain and that will not happen with a few lazy attempts. You need to commit to making this happen.

Its these pesky unconscious habits that cause us all sorts of difficulties, sleeping, eating, socialising, relationships, etc, you know exactly what I mean?

if you need any further help with it, please get in touch so we can unhook your unconscious pattern and reset to something that suits your current needs.

Thanks for reading, please share if you feel someone may benefit from this.

Have a great day.


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