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  • Tara Foulkes

What is constant evolution?

So what is constant evolution?

I often talk and hashtag about constant evolution, so what on earth is it?

It’s simply the fact that we are all on a constant learning journey. Nothing is set in stone, we learn every second of every minute of every day, therefore, as a result we can change our thoughts, views, ideas and opinions etc.

We can reflect on our behaviour; the way that we have reacted in a situation, an opinion that we may hold or have held in the past, something we have done which we may regret or the path we have chosen for ourselves. All of this can constantly evolve if we allow it.

The only person preventing us from reflecting, changing and adapting is ourselves. Nothing is set in stone and if we have made a wrong choice, a wrong decision then it can be changed.

None of us are perfect we are all learning as we go, from time to time we may make a mistake, as we’re only human!

What we need to do however, is take responsibility. Responsibility for our choices, our behaviour, our actions, our parenting, whatever the case may be. As adults we need to move towards taking responsibility for our lives.

I find this a wonderfully empowering experience. I take responsibility for myself and all of the choices that I make, it’s a wonderful place to be.

If things go wrong, then it’s not about pointing the finger, it’s about reviewing what didn’t go to plan and making changes to our lives accordingly.

For example: It’s not your friends fault that they offered you that extra drink so you had to stay and drink it which led to x,y,z. It’s not the shops fault that you were running later but there was a massive queue and you couldn’t wait, it’s not Schools fault that you did not get the grade you wanted or your parents never teaching you right from wrong.

Controversial it might well be, but, unless you take full responsibility for your life and where you are heading, you will never really get anywhere.

It’s the same with saying no to people, do you ever find yourself agreeing to lots of things, running around trying to please everyone else? But, you find yourself spread too thinly and worn out.

No thanks I really don’t want to watch your child’s recital, or no thanks, I really don’t want to watch that paint dry!

Take responsibility for the choices that you make.

We are all on our own journey, some may be much more difficult than others.

But, will you allow that difference to hold you back?

Take charge of your life, take ownership and responsibility.

We all have the same chances to constantly evolve it’s just whether you allow yourself...

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