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  • Tara Foulkes

World Mental Health Day 2017

For as long as I can remember, I have always believed that "life is what you make it". Life can be tough but it’s the challenges that we face and the learning that we take from these challenges which shape us into the person that we want to be.

I believe in constant evolution. Every day we are learning more about ourselves and those around us, some days we may be great, whereas, others we may be awful. Reflecting on what made those days awful and actively doing something about it is constant evolution. None of us really know what we are doing, we are all just winging it based on our experience.

I was made homeless at 16 years old and estranged from my parents, I lived in around 10 different places over the course of two years, I sofa surfed at friends, lived in shitty bedsits and shared accommodation. I took positive action to get me out of it continued with my education and went to university.

I worked in banking after graduation, but after a few years of losing out on my bonus I realised that the fat cat culture was not for me and took positive action to get me out of it.

Stepping forwards a few years when I realised that I had Post Natal Depression (PND) after the birth of my children, I knew that I had to take positive action to get me out of it, it was either follow the traditional clinical route of anti-depressants or an alternative route of Reiki. At that time, I chose Reiki and it was amazing, it cleared out the bullshit thoughts that were filling my brain and literally I was able to start fresh. Alongside the PND changes at work while I was off on Maternity leave, meant the job I went back to had changed dramatically which resulted in my confidence being reduced to zero. I took positive action and trained to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and operated a private practice. However, the draw of the regular hours and greater income led me to closing my private practice down and simply working for the local authority in my reduced role. I would sit there thinking "is this it?". Having always been career orientated and driven, but, working in a role that failed to inspire or challenge was okay for a time, however, I began to notice that my confidence was dipping, so again I took positive action and was successful in gaining voluntary redundancy to get myself out of there. I didn’t appreciate how hard redundancy would hit me and I started to fall back into depression, however, I knew the triggers and was able to take positive action to stop myself becoming ill. I chose to look at my life and think about what I actually wanted to achieve. I considered my values, the legacy I wanted to leave, who I wanted to become, as well as what I wanted to do with the next 20 years in my career?

I was lucky enough to have gained qualifications throughout my career, but knew that I wanted to get involved in Psychology so I went back to University and gained my MSc in Developmental Psychology. This enabled me to combine all of my skills, qualifications and experience to set up I hate unfairness and the unjust in this world and wanted to be able to offer Clinical Hypnotherapy for everyone. So, started writing eLearning Courses on anxiety and Hypnobirthing for people to access at home, in their time, at an affordable price. is also an opportunity to share my own experiences with others in the hope that they can follow my examples and take control of their lives.

Nobody really knows what they are doing, we are all just winging it. Some days we will be great, others we will struggle, that’s life. But, we can take positive action, by looking inwards at ourselves and thinking first and foremost what do we want out of our life? Standing still is not an option and nobody else can make the right changes except you. Life is what you make it, it’s not always gonna be great, but it’s the shit times that give us the chance to reflect, look forwards and make plans to become the best that we can be.

Sometimes, we may need help and support, sometimes we may need more than that, which is where hypnotherapy comes in to make changes to your subconscious mind.

On this World Mental Health day commit to taking positive action to become the person that you want to be...

Life is what you make it so make sure it’s amazing #constantevolution

Please share if you like my blog and have a great day.

P.S. if it’s not great, ensure you identify why it’s not great and do something about it.


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