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  • Tara Foulkes

Worry, is it worth it?

We all COULD spend hours per day doing this, but for those of you who do worry you will know that it leaves you feeling:

stressed, uncertain, angry, upset, cheated, undervalued, hopeless ...

I could go on.

Instead try this:

Can you change the outcome?

YES - great do something about it, change your worrying brain into one of action and change it...

NO - as difficult as it is, sometimes we can't do anything about a situation.

In these circumstances, utilise the calming breath:

Slowly breath in counting to 4 (in your head!), hold for 4, then slowly breath out for 4.

Utilise the calming breath while repeating this:

"I cant change the outcome so I let it go, I accept that something has happened that I can't control"

You will feel lighter after utilising this, the breathing technique activates your para-sympathetic nervous system which is your inbuilt calming system and the words (the mantra) change your mindset.

You can utilise this anytime wherever you are in any situation which makes you anxious, try it now.

Coming soon to - control your anxiety forever, an online integrative hypno-therapeutic program for success that you can listen to at anytime to tackle your anxiety

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Have a great day


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