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Children's Appointment

Children's Appointment

Book a hypnotherapy appointment with our Principal Hypnotherapist Tara Foulkes.  The price includes a 20 minute telephone consultation prior to your appointment and a 1 hour appointment either face to face or over Skype.  


Working with children to explain how their mind works, to support them into change and through change.  Working to remove anxiety from their life, incorporating techniques that they can use folloing the appointment.


Our brains have neuro-plasticity which means that they are not set, they continue to develop, grow or shrink throughout our lifetime, depending on what we put in.  This means that the messages that we give ourselves will effect the biology of our brains. 


To ensure change and future success we will work with children to ensure that they gain a greater understanding of their brain, how brains work and be aware of the language that we and others around us are using to ensure that the right messages are getting through.


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