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Control Anxiety Online Course - Starting Tuesday 16th June

Control Anxiety Online Course - Starting Tuesday 16th June

The course is designed to shift your focus from your anxiety onto your life.  You will consider those around you and where you heading / what you want to achieve over your lifetime.


New course starts Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 2pm,

then every week at 2pm:

23rd June 2020

30th June 2020

7th July 2020


Each week the online training will be delivered live at 2pm.  This session will be recorded and be availble for 2 weeks following the live session.  You will also recieve 4 x hypno-theraputic audio downloads, the Control Anxiety Workbook, and a letter to pass to your health professional.

The course contains four hypnotherapies which will address any outdated and no longer required thought patterns / habits around your anxiety and life. 


While the education will help you to develop your thinking strategies and plan for your future.  

You will be provided with an electronic copy of the hypnotherapy workbook which will become a key reference tool for your progress and success on this course and in the future.  You will also be provided with a letter to pass to your medical practitioner which outlines this course.


This course is based on Scientific research completed by Wolfe (2005,2006) and Alladin (2014,2016).  It works to remove anxiety by addressing both the conscious and unconscious layer of your experience.  The education addresses the conscious layer, what you know and what you learn. 


The four hypnotherapies address your unconscious behaviour, this may be something that happened to you earlier in your life and as a way of preventing you from experiencing that issue again, your mind thinks it will be helpful to provide you with anxious symptoms to prevent you from going back there. 


However, what your mind does not realise is that this is no longer required and is not helpful.  What may have worked in the past is now outdated and is preventing you from moving forwards, the hypnotherapies will remove these blocks. 


Course Outcomes

  • Upon successful completion of this course, including the anxiety workbook you will be in control of your anxiety

  • You will have an understanding about your body and why people get anxious, including the Self-Wounds model

  • You will have an appreciation for the conscious and unconscious layers of your symptoms

  • You will know how to manage your thoughts every day and have developed a reflective view of them, in order that you can focus on what went right and what needs to happen

  • You will have developed your values and be working towards achieving these

  • You will know about meditation and mindfulness and you will have constructed your own systems to incorporate these into your life.

  • You will be looking inwards at what is important to you, including, the development of your instinct.

  • You will have developed your resilience and be more grateful for the things or experiences that have happened in your life.

  • You will know that every day you need to keep moving forwards


When you purchase this course, you will be sent the four audio hypnotherapy files.  This will be followed up by an email with your log on details to our exclusive Control your Anxiety Forever Channel.


Subjective Units of Distress Scale (SUDS) - You will be provided with this form at the start and the end of the programme.  This enables us to minitor you progress.  Everything that we do at Alloquor is part of an on-going scientific research scheme, you can choose if you would like your data to be entered into this scheme or not.  

We do this for our constant evolution and our continuos development programme.

  • Email and contact details

    Please ensure that your email address is correct before you submit your order, any problems with this please let us know on


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