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Hypnobirthing Online - New Course Starting 28th April 2020

Hypnobirthing Online - New Course Starting 28th April 2020

Hypnosis has been used in pregnancy and birth for over a century. People use hypnobirthing to understand how their bodies work, to give them more control over their birth experience.


New four week course starting Tuesday 28th April 2020 at 2pm.  Then every Tuesday at 2pm until 19th May 2020.

These live sessions are recorded and will be available to listen again for 2 weeks following the live.


Hypnosis can enhance patient care and minimise the risks associated with premature birth, by reducing negative attitudes around pregnancy and anxieties regarding childbirth. It can be used to reduce pain in delivery and to reduce labour time.


It is important to note that only around 25-35% of women are able to go into labour with hypnosis alone and no pain relief, although the use of pain relief will be reduced. It is important that you the pregnant mum decide according to how you feel on the day.


At Alloquor we believe in working hand in hand with your midwifery team, so we provide all of our Hypnobirthing ladies with a letter that you can pass to your midwifery team, so they have an understanding of what you have learned and the techniques that you may use.


At Alloquor we use the “Hypnoreflexogenous method” which combines the concept of conditioned reflex (what your body already does) and hypnotherapy. 


This method allows you to prepare for labour without fear or worry, working on the natural body reflexes and developing your own management of these through suggestion in deep hypnosis.


You can access the Alloquor Hypnobirthing Course anytime after 30 weeks. But the training should all occur before labour, so that your mind and body are prepared beforehand. This means that you do not have to be in a hypnotic state during delivery, however, as you have trained yourself beforehand you can go in and out as required.


You have nothing to worry about, hypnosis and giving birth are natural phenomena and work together so well.


This course takes place over 4 x weeks for you and your partner / birthing partner to enjoy together.  


N.B. Your partner / birthing partner is not required to undertake the hypnotherapy sessions, except for the self-hypnosis session to teach them about hypno-anaesthesia.


Whats included in the hypnobirthing course:

4 x education modules and online hypnotherapy sessions

1 x hypnotherapy relaxation audio 

1 x birth rehearsal hypnotherapy audio 

1 x self-hypnosis hypnotherapy audio 

1 x labour room audio 

1 x post birth hypnotherapy audio 

1 x hypnobirthing brochure 

1 x letter to midwifery staff - this is a tear out sheet from the brochure


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