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Hypnotherapy for Exam Stress - audio download

Hypnotherapy for Exam Stress - audio download

If you are feeling out of control, stressed or anxious about your upcoming exams then this is the hypnotherapy for you.

This clinical hypnotherapy contains everything that you need to ensure that through mental rehearsal and training in hypnosis, that when exam time hits, you will feel ready, calm and controlled. 

You will be able to recall the right informtion at the right time in order that you can answer your questions correctly.

The mental rehersal that takes place under hypnosis will walk you through the process of an exam and set out the correct process for you to ensure that you achieve maximum marks and feel in control.

You will recieve training on the calm breath technique under hypnosis that you will be able to utilise at any time you feel stressed, anxious or needing some support.  

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